Hi! My name is Kara and I am the author behind Cinderella Wears Yoga Pants. I am a mid-thirties work-from-home mama who lives in Northern California with My husband Jon, my two daughters Hayleigh and Avery, and my Golden Retriever pup Charlie.  

The story behind the title?  Cinderella Wears Yoga Pants fully encompasses my life. It is beautiful, and messy, and hard. It's magical and frustrating and ever evolving. In order to appreciate your life fully, you must take the good with the bad. The pretty with the mess. The moments that burst with love and those that cut you deeply. My goal is to always find the humor and beauty in this life I have been gifted and to not be ashamed to share the hard stuff because opening yourself up in those dark moments is what draws in the light. Welcome to my unfiltered world.

 Sometimes Cinderella wears ball gowns and glass slippers.... and sometimes she wears yoga pants.
This little ole blog of mine shares all my passions. From my obsession with budget friendly fashion and beauty, to my family and thoughts about life. 
So welcome! Pull on those yoga pants, kick off those glass slippers, and stay awhile.

 Questions? Comments? shoot me an email! karagudel@outlook.com

My kiddos... Avery (6 1/2), Charlie (3 months), Hayleigh (10)


My guy... established 2006.